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Audit of the HAVA Grants Awarded to the State of Wisconsin

Report Information

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Special Project

EAC OIG, through the independent public accounting firm of McBride, Lock & Associates, LLC, audited $27.4 million in funds received by the State of Wisconsin under the Help America Vote Act. The objectives of the audit were to determine whether the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission: 1) used funds for authorized purposes in accordance with Section 101 and Section 251 of HAVA and other applicable requirements; 2) properly accounted for and controlled property purchased with HAVA payments; and 3) used the funds in a manner consistent with the informational plans provided to EAC. The audit also determined if proper closeout procedures were followed for the CARES Act funds.

WI, United States
Questioned Costs
Funds for Better Use

Status of Recommendations


Implement procedures and training to ensure that subrecipients are maintaining the required documentation to support allowability.


Implement procedures to ensure that all subrecipients are properly monitored in accordance with Federal statutes and the terms and conditions of the subaward.


Ensure all property purchased with Federal funds is placed on a compliant property record.